Usc Football Tickets The Tradition Will Continue

After the streak of successes that USC has had in recent years with multiple national leagues, Heisman Trophy winners and first-round picks in the NFL, it could be concluded that their streak is almost over and that the USC no. They are the draw from a year ago. After all, what team could replace Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Winston Justice, and Darnell Bing, to name a few, all at once?


The answer, of course, is that USC may be that team, and there are two main reasons why the Trojans are beginning to see themselves as the next long-term giant in college football, a place that has been taken by Nebraska in the last years. , Miami and Oklahoma, if you go back a little further. Some of these reasons are explained below.


Who would have thought that Pete Carroll would do what he has been doing since he joined USC in 2001? According to many, Carroll was not the administration’s first choice. In fact, he wasn’t even the second, third or fourth. Carroll was an underrated NFL manager who had had limited success with the New York Jets and New England Patriots, and in four seasons he finished with a 34-33 overall record and one playoff appearance.

There were rumors that USC was looking for “names” of coaches like Dennis Erickson, Mike Belotti and Mike Reilly. When neither of them wanted the job, he fell into Carroll’s lap, so goes the newly discovered legend. What a fortuitous turn it turned out to be for everyone involved.

Carroll entered a program that many believed was in decline. Paul Hackett, his predecessor, only had a 19-18 record in three seasons. Fans were losing interest and USC soccer tickets were available for most of their games. Carroll began by changing the culture surrounding the high-tension show, and his laid-back personality was perfectly suited to both the show and the area.

Carroll doesn’t need to outshine anyone in terms of X’s and O’s. His defenses may not have received the same publicity as his high-powered offensive units, but USC has become a strong defensive team even under Carroll. He’s changed the whole perspective for his players, alumni, and fans in general, and he doesn’t seem ready to leave anytime soon. The program is in good hands.


There is no substitute for talent. USC may have lost a lot of great players recently, but that doesn’t mean the closet is empty. Carroll’s personality also fits in perfectly with recruiting and players often talk about how they “identify” with the coach. This year’s new starters consist of several high school All Americans and other highly recruited athletes.

John David Booty is ready to take the reins of the QB, and Chauncey Washington, Emmanuel Moody and C.J. The ultra-talented RB Gables are not only talented, but fast and physical.

In short, USC is loaded and ready to get the ball rolling. Remember, everyone was concerned when Carson Palmer and others graduated a few years ago, but then some anonymous players like Leinart and Bush stepped in and got it right. When you have three in each position with talented players, don’t rebuild, reload.

This is why USC football tickets will continue to be a hot topic, and also why the Trojans seem like a long-term dynasty.

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