Home Jobs (Best for 2020)

Here are some benefits that you can enjoy working from home:

You will have a flexible schedule
You will be able to personalize your learning and work environment.

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Spend more time with your family
Save your money, which you would have otherwise spent on going to work and eating out.
All you need to work from home is a computer and a stable internet connection. Now, let’s take a look at the top three household jobs that are likely to be with you for the next several months and beyond.

1. Freelance writer
With a little interest and attention to detail, your ability to become a top freelance writer will be easier than you thought. This is due to the fluid online learning that is offered through platforms like Small Revolution.

Let’s be honest. No one was born a writer. In some way, we have all learned to write for various reasons.

According to Website Builder, in fact, a third of the American workforce has participated in independent activities throughout their careers.

While writing books is also a great way to generate income, your income is often a bit inconsistent. This is why most book writers are freelance writers too – they earn a full-time income every time they write.

To help you jump-start your freelance career, we’ll cover three types of freelance writing that you can do from the comfort of your home.

i) Writing for newspapers and magazines
Writing for newspapers and magazines involves contributing articles to various print publications. While this is one of the more traditional forms of freelance writing, it is still a viable path as a freelancer today.

Magazines are written for a specific audience. Many of its sections contain works that have been contributed by various freelance writers. You will need to be well versed in a particular niche and do a lot of research to get your work published in a magazine.

Some common types of magazines include:

Industry / Industry Magazines – Produced by people of the same profession or industry
Popular / Consumer Magazines – You will likely find these at your local grocery store or news agency.
Custom publications: these are magazines produced by specific companies for their clients / clients. They usually serve as marketing strategies.
Most newspaper companies do not allow freelance writers to write their news. However, some allow writers to contribute to newspaper sections, such as lifestyle or entertainment.

So how can you do these freelance writing tasks?

Just look up your article submission processes online.
Find out if they accept freelancers.
If they’re looking for writers, check their rates and then submit a custom submission if you’re comfortable with your pay.
You can also use Google to find different types of copywriting companies online. For example, search for “write for our magazine,” “magazine submission submission,” or “write for us” to find magazine-related jobs online.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to emails from sites that share current freelance work for their subscribers.

ii) Regular blog posts
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After learning how to write lovely articles, you will also find regular jobs on various websites and blogs. There are millions of sites and blogs, and most of them are always looking for freelance writers to generate content for their clients.

If you can get some of these jobs online with a steady job, you will have a steady stream of income. Some websites, like FlexJobs and ProBlogger, offer some of the best work from home.

iii) Drafting of contests
Most writing contests pay a lot for winners and runners-up. You can enter any of these contests and win up to $ 2,000 for a short story contest or article on a specific topic.

These writing competitions usually take place throughout the year. The good thing is that even if you don’t win, you can still submit your piece elsewhere, as your work will remain unedited.

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