AdSense Arbitrage Is Your Google AdSense Account In Danger

Would you believe a rumor that Google will ban publishers practicing AdSense arbitration? Well then I guess you disagree with me that Google would kill itself. After all, the AdWords / AdSense system that Google uses is arbitrage.

What Google wants to get rid of is sites that get poor for advertisers. Imagine paying dollars per click to drive visitors to your site and see your ad on one of those shoddy “Made for AdSense” websites. ⇒ Anmeldelser af danske webhoteller

Most likely, you want to remove your ads from those sites right away. There is no quality content on those sites that provide the search engine with the information it is looking for.

Google chases publishers who return negative ROI to the advertiser. Google never said it was chasing AdSense Arbitrage publishers.

Suppose you are using an AdWords campaign to send traffic to your website with AdSense ads. If that website has quality content and is relevant to what the search engine typed in the search bar, you are doing exactly what Google wants you to do. Provide quality information relevant to the search engine. You are NOT violating Google’s Terms of Service.

Your AdWords campaign’s Quality Score will improve and as a result, you will pay less CPC (cost per click) and your ad will appear higher on sponsored links.

What would be the result if you optimize your website for a quality website? In addition to the traffic you get from your ad campaign, Google will love indexing a website like that. They need quality information for the search engines.

Marketing affiliates who use PPC advertising practice arbitrage, because they often invest a few cents to earn dollar commissions. Of course, in this case, the amount of CPC they pay depends on the niche they advertise in. And very often, the search engine ends up on a landing page with a product review. If that review is relevant to what the search engine is looking for, the advertiser and affiliate are doing exactly what Google wants. Again, this will increase the AdWords campaign’s Quality Score.

Bottom Line: Adsense arbitration is not a “bad” thing that will get you banned from Google Adsense. On the other hand, it is no longer advisable to create poor quality websites, such as “sites built for Adsense”, and to send traffic from a Google Adwords account to those sites. A logical idea is that Google will never index those sites and allow the advertiser to pay a high CPC in case of arbitration. Will your Adsense account cost you? It’s up to Google to decide …

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